Scrape Google Search Results with Free SERP Scraper Tool

This tool is a bookmarklet that makes it easy for you to download the Google Search results straight to a CSV file on your computer. I had used tools like this that had been created by others, but because I had to copy and paste the results to an Excel file with each search, it took a lot of time when I was doing this over and over. So, I had this tool built that I could use to just extract the SERP results straight to a CSV file. 

In order to use this bookmarklet, just click on the button below and drag it into your bookmarks bar!

Then, go to Google, and do whatever search you’d like to do. I prefer to change the search settings so that 100 results per page are shown, that way I can download 100 results at a time. Then, click on the bookmarklet and it will immediately download the results to a CSV file.

If you use this many times and have a lot of CSV files that you’d like to merge into one file, then I have two main strategies that I generally use for this.

  1. ASAP Utilities – My personal favorite approach is to use the ASAP Utilities add-in for Excel. With this, you can easily merge a lot of different files into one.
  2. Command Prompt – The other option is to merge all of your CSV files into one using the command prompt in Windows.

And that’s it! Once you have only one file with all of your data inside of it, now it’s time to clean up the data for whatever purpose you have in mind!

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