Our Approach

When it comes to link building, our goal is always to “build” links that are going to stand the test of time. Yes, we still use the term “build” and “building” when referring to what we do – although the truth of the matter is that we never build or place links anywhere ourselves. In fact, any links that we’ll be able to build for you, will be placed there by those who have editorial control of those sites.

Email Outreach

In order to contact those who have editorial control and are able to add links on specific websites, we primarily reach out to them through email. This allows us to connect and build relationships with webmasters and editors with a personal touch, but also allows us to scale our efforts and talk to many sites simultaneously.

While there are lots of websites and people doing “link outreach” these days, many of them are offering very little value to the sites they reach out to and are doing little more than “begging” for links.

We strive for a value-oriented approach where the value we’re offering in exchange for a link remains front and center. In addition, we make sure we spend the time necessary to always find the proper person to reach out to, rather than pulling up a large list of email addresses from automated tools.

All of this ensures that we’re writing targeted emails to those who will care most about our value proposition and helps to increase our chances of success.

Content Evaluation

In order to offer value to websites and ask them for a link, we first need to evaluate your site to determine whether any of your content or tools is of high enough quality to be outreached on merit alone.

The important thing to remember is that the type of content or tool that will work well as a “linkable asset” may be quite different from the type of content or tool that your site visitors or users may be the most interested in. Often, there is plenty of overlap here, but it’s important to recognize that just because your site visitors particularly like a certain article, doesn’t mean that article will work well as something we can outreach for links.

If you have really great content that we recognize has great potential for outreach, then we can move right onto preparing that content to be outreached for links. However, if none of your site content is adequate, we’ll provide you suggestions for content that you can create – or that we can help you create.